What is Buyer Persona?

What is Buyer Persona?

The number of followers in social media does not necessarily mean that a company is
successful in targeting their customers. The 100% of social media marketing tactics do not
ensure that it will lead to conversion.

A company with millions of followers in social media accounts but failed to attract people
to engage, like and share their posts will suffer in vanity metric. Vanity metric means
having thousands or millions of followers and yet, they seem not to target the right
consumers and clients for products and services.

What Is Buyer Persona?
This is the detailed description of your customer. Most businesses regularly check this to
measure if their social media marketing efforts are effectively used, and if they are targeting
the right customers.
For effective social media marketing, the compositions of a buyer persona you should
create are as follows:

1. Demographics
This entails the age bracket, occupations, job title, and interest of your followers. You can
check the list of your customers’ interests in Google Analytics such as computers, food and
drinks, travel or tourist destinations, arts and entertainment, business and many other
factors appeared in Analytics.
In fact, you can directly check this information if you already have established Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram account.

2. Goals and challenges
In this section of creating a buyer persona, you can include during the research process the
following questions and find the answers:

– What are the career goals they are aiming?
– How can your business help them in terms of career

3. Locations
Knowing where they are located as well as their working place can help you to attract them
by creating relatable posts that coordinate your product and services.

  • What are the social media platforms they mostly use?
  • Where do they love to spend weekends or free time?
  • What is the usual type of events are they attracted?

Creating a buyer persona is time-consuming but it will gradually boost your branding,
improve social media marketing and increase business revenue in the long run.

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