Top Businesses with Amazing Marketing Approach in Instagram

Top Businesses with Amazing Marketing Approach in Instagram

Instagram is one of the emerging social media platforms next to Facebook. It has been
reported that it generates 400 million monthly visitors, whereas, brands started to take
advantage of the platform.

To provide you suffice information on how to utilize it, here are the top businesses who
have dominated Instagram with unusual social media marketing strategies.

1. National Geographic
No. of followers: 92.1 Million

Instead of doing the entire hard work by its in-house team, National Geographic is now
accepting photo contributors from the followers. Ever since they started this social media
marketing strategy, everyone is inspired to contribute; the number of followers continues
to increase up to this date.

2. GoPro
No. of followers: 14.4 Million

As GoPro claims to be the “world’s most versatile camera,” they also have the same social
media marketing strategy with National Geographic. GoPro users can send photos and
videos using the camera.
GoPro’s social media marketing strategy makes every user to feel proud of the submitted
captured photo and videos. One published video in GoPro’s Instagram account has
generated 417, 077 views with 573 comments.

No. of followers in main account: 7.6 Million

Compared to National Geographic and GoPro, ASOS has its different way to implement
social media marketing strategy. For each branch they have in multiple countries, they have
designated account, and even posting discounted items has a solo Instagram account.
Examples of their Instagram usernames: ASOS, ASOS Market Place, ASOS_looped, ASOS
studio, ASOS_us

4. Airbnb
No. of followers: 3.4 Million

The 75% of posts are user-generated. Even Airbnb is known as the provider of hospitality
service, a brand that we can compare to Agoda and; they still manage to
prevent posting photos that are too salesy. In fact, Airbnb’s Instagram account features less
recognized places all over the world, attracting more potential guests to find
accommodation in different locations.

They also accept and re-upload photos from contributors and lodge owners.
Considering these social media marketing strategies to your brand may work or not. But the
most important would be on how you can attract customers and how will you keep them

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